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Reduce printing costs without quality loss?

Many used cartridges can be cleaned and refilled. Such recycling processes benefit the environment and offer the consumers an economically priced alternative.

Any concerns about potential inferior quality of Pelikan Hardcopy compatible products can be dismissed because of the DIN standard which provides regulations for the remanufacture of refilled products. Pelikan Hardcopy has been heavily involved in the DIN standard and by July 2002 the draft version was introduced to the scientific community. Pelikan Hardcopy is one of the first suppliers to produce equipment to this standard.

The extensive tests of the ink and the functionality ensure brilliant printing quality and a perfect printer performance over the entire period of usage.

Abstract of standard DIN 33871-1

  • Ink compositions are tested on mutagenic materials
  • All ink cartridges are tested for yield, operation and print quality
  • The image must be flawless as soon as the ink cartridge has been inserted
  • Ink cartridges must ensure trouble-free mechanical operation throughout the period of use
  • Comparative testing of 3 Pelikan Hardcopy ink cartridges with 3 cartridges of the particular printer manufacturer
  • Yield must be visible on the packaging
  • Packaging and storage instructions are given

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