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Pelikan Hardcopy toner products are remanufactured according to the DIN 33870 standard and on the packaging the DIN-logo will be shown. For the first time consumers have the opportunity to compare products.

The standard

The standard describes how used toner cartridges have to be remanufactured and refilled with new toner. Extensive functionality tests are undertaken, so that the print quality and trouble free operation is ensured.

Abstract of standard DIN 33870:

  • Each toner comes under the scrutiny of AMES (mutagenesis test)
  • Security data sheet is available for each type of toner cartridge
  • Long term test (under specified climatic conditions) for each toner cartridge
  • Packaging and storage instructions are given
  • Replacement of all worn parts
  • Comparative testing of 5 Pelikan Hardcopy cartridges with 5 cartridges of the particular printer manufacturer
  • Control of yield of each cartridge type

Visibility for the consumers:

  • Pelikan Hardcopy is one of the first manufacturers in the compatible market to produce remanufactured toner cartridges according to the new standard DIN 33870.
  • Reliability for the consumer
  • DIN logo shown on the packaging
  • Cartridge labelled to show DIN qualification

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