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are the perfect complements to quality products and make Pelikan Hardcopy the leader in the compatible market for printer supplies

Pelikan Hardcopy offers a 3 year warranty for all its products. Some printer manufacturers threaten that the guarantee will become void if other manufacturers inks and toners are used. This really cannot be enforced. With Pelikan printer supplies there is no risk to the consumer. If, despite correct use, the product can be shown to have caused damage to the equipment contrary to expectations, Pelikan Hardcopy will, of course, accept responsibility for this damage under the terms of the product liability. More...

The enormous waste mountain of empty inkjet and toner cartridges is growing every year. Collected empty cartridges of most brands are tested for reuseability in the in-house re-cycling centre and then included in the production cycle. The careful process-ing and testing of the collected items guarantees the perfect quality of recycled products and the correct disposal of unusable parts.Recycling / Environment