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We hereby guarantee that Pelikan Hardcopy products are perfectly designed to meet the specific requirements of relevant devices such as printers, photocopiers, fax machines and typewriters and to ensure the smooth running of these devices.

In the event that the product you have acquired develops a fault during the warranty period, this warranty grants you the right to receive a replacement from Pelikan Hardcopy (International) AG.

In the unlikely event that the proper use of a product is shown to have caused damage to the device you are using, Pelikan Hardcopy (International) AG will compensate you for such damage in accordance with the rules governing product liability.

The warranty period is three years for the whole Pelikan Hardcopy product range; in all cases the warranty period begins on the date of sale.

In the event of a claim under this warranty, please send the defective product to the address indicated below. You will then receive a new replacement product free of charge.

Should your device have become damaged, please describe the circumstances leading up to this, indicating the name of our product which you used and that of the related device.

Use of Pelikan Hardcopy products does not fundamentally influence the statutory guarantee of the printer manufacturer for his devices. Do not be swayed if you are denied these rights because you did not use products of the device manufacturer. If necessary, please contact one of our corporate field service representatives for further guidance and advice.

Pelikan Hardcopy (International) AG
Gewerbestrasse 9, CH-8132 Egg/ZH, Switzerland



Show this document (pdf) to anyone who has refused your rights because you have not used the products of the appliance manufacturer.

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